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How many Robots does it take to change a light globe

November 6, 2019

When people read this, they are going to say things about it (and me probably). That’s fine, you have to speak your mind and you have to accept the consequences when you do.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is great. I’m old enough to have seen some of the really great new-fangled innovations appear. I wonder though, if there is a limit. A tipping point where it stops being innovative and starts being harmful. I’m sure there is a Scientific term for that concept and there certainly seems to be many blogs on the subject.

New technology in industry and business has made things more efficient.  There is no doubt about that and one must accept that as the new norm.   There is also no doubt the harm there is to the human that used to do that job. I saw video of a machine the other day with its sleek silver arms accurately picking citrus. Whilst that’s brilliant design and engineering, that used to be a human arm. Where are they now? I used to be a Voice Futures Broker and I could argue that my worth was taken away by “machines”. That’s just the way things have gone and one has to accept it

What blew it for me however was this. I overheard an interview on one of the major News organisation this morning. They were talking about Autonomous cars. One of the comments was about a system whereby when in a car park you press a button on your phone and the car comes and finds you. I get that’s very clever and has some potential to help some, but     Really…. c’mon, what ever happened to remembering where you parked and, oh I don’t know, walking to your car….

I immediately had vision in my head from the movie Wall-E. The humans floating around on their comfy chairs with their remotes for everything. I have to change a light globe this morning, maybe one day I can get my vacuum cleaner to do it.


I’ll get back in my box now.