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Impeachment World Series – Match Four report

November 22, 2019

Everyone may have wanted to see player two today but am happy to admit, with not knowing much about player one before kick-off she stole the show. She played directly, attacked the gain line at every opportunity and didn’t take any shit. I’d attempt to take the piss a bit, but frankly too scared to….

I missed Sherlocks opening remarks and general testimony, but some replays of them looked ok, he did seem at times however to be a little overawed and unassured when the bench started asking him questions. He shouldn’t have been, it’s only a bunch of, in most cases, old plonkers talking their own books…

Crazy fan was at it again banging out the usual drivel on twitter. Razors management, it has been discovered, has been putting Crazy fan up in a quaint 55,000sqf company owned free standing bungalow. Its proximity to the main stadium makes it a desirable address and with the lease up in 2020 rumour has it the Dragons want to get their hands on it. This World Series outcome may well help them in that quest.

The Razors mainstay protagonists got well involved again with Tank and Jimmy bar winding up anyone that stood still long enough and one bencher from the Razors had another off the ball scuffle with the Dragons captain (and ref) around cynical play which again fell on deaf ears. The Dragons Captain (and ref) known to the Razors as Shifty but Graveyard to us has showed such stoic, unflappable disinterest in the Razors calls for justice in adjudication he must be driving them mad.


Its good to be the king


The end draws near and as it stands seems the Dragons have the upper hand. This is not set in stone and any result is still possible but as we sign off game four one thinks, for certain, you could have avoided all this shite by not voting in the old fart in the first place.