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Impeachment World Series – Breaking news (and some hearts)

December 19, 2019

It’s official, Crazy Fan has been cited by the Judiciary. They conclude he has a case to answer to for an illegal tackle and an illegal defensive play. Of course, it’s hard to screen yourself so it remains to be seen if other Razors players get cited for this infraction as well.

The lead up to the decision was laughingly called a debate. It wasn’t, it was just a series of plonkers banging the same drum and for quite a few simply reading from the team play book. Both sides were guilty of this to be fair. It was amusing however to have seen some Razors getting so worked up that some forgot to actually say what they wanted to say.

The pomp and ceremony were as expected and in keeping with the rules of the Judiciary but this commentator would have liked to seen it done like the Council of Krypton adjudging General Zod and his mob guilty with 40-foot-tall images of the Dragons announcing “guilty before fading to black. Now that’s pomp and ceremony.

I am reminded of the saying that “if it wasn’t so serious it would be funny” and we should not dismiss it with too much mockery given it is very serious.

The upside for Crazy Fan is that he now faces a friendly tribunal. The previously mentioned “Colosseum” is brimming with Razors and despite being told he is a very naughty boy he will probably get away with a poor report card and a pizzling from his management. It won’t surprise you that I was desperate to say “probably get away with crucifixion, yeah first offence” but the opportunity just wasn’t there.

Crazy Fan will be properly stirred up about now and I wouldn’t want to be a lamp on the table or a shivering Intern delivering him a cup of tea. I can give you a visual if you like. If any of you have drafted cattle before and come eyeball to eyeball with a big beast and seen his brisket twitching that is a sure sign, he is a little stirry. I can see Crazy fan now, Steam coming out his ears and brisket going, Twitch, twitch, maybe even dragging his front leg back angry bull style. When I used to see this, I was up on the fence asap. The Dragons won’t have this luxury I reckon. Expect a charge!!

Given the final “trial” isn’t until the new year we will now be subjected to weeks of back and forth trash talking from both sides. Most of it will be rubbish, some of it will be silly and all of it will be amusing. The Dragons have had to put up with Razors whingeing and whining around procedure and unfairness but now it’s the Dragon’s turn to have a blub about the trial. In reality they don’t have a leg to stand on around this.