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Impeachment World series – Breaking News

December 6, 2019

In a much-anticipated development, the Dragons Head coach and head of The Dragons academy housed in the “House of Pain” No Nonsense Nancy has weighed into the Crazy Fan controversy. No Nonsense Nancy’s nickname, which is a gold medal winning alliteration, has come about after she gave a cheeky reporter an A grade mum to a naughty kid dressing down for…being cheeky. Reporters may think twice before having a swing at her again. Or she has opened the floodgates for all the ratbags ,  looking to unsettle her focus ,  to chuck grenades at her and run away at will.

Crazy Fan has been returned home from his European stint with some very good Stats. He scored very highly on the Irritation index having told pretty much everyone they were cheapskates and should get stuffed and earned several bonus points for Comedic value. Not everyone saw the funny side of it of course. One amusing engagement was witnessed as the Coach of Les Bleus told Crazy Fan to grow up and act his age, easier said than done it seems.

He has returned Stateside to news though that No Nonsense Nancy has ordered he does have a case to answer to at the World Series Judiciary and she has asked the Judiciary to begin proceedings against him. Luckily for him the Judiciary Proper is full of Razor Friendlies but whether he dodges a bullet or not remains to be seen.

In other developments around the hearing Razor officials seem hell bent on calling witnesses that seem irrelevant to the prime issue. There is no doubt that “Big Show” Joe and ” The Deer” Hunter are involved in name but calling them is like blaming the BP Gulf oil spill on the bloke that built the wingnuts (with thanks to Clarke and Dawe). His actions may have been a distant related factor but he didn’t push the Rig over and set it on fire…

Nun Chuk Nunes has been pretty much MIA since his association with the recruitment of illegal foreign talent scandal.  This one is just another indication of the deep and dark depths the whole shebang has descended into. One wonders if he and others are in danger of seeing the underside of a bus that I think we can all agree is probably warming up in a car park somewhere.