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February 26, 2020

The Silver Pirates

Silver has been rallying and so it should have. The global economy was wobbling, whether some wanted to admit or not and then we had COVID19 arrive, this extended the rally, and so it should have. This is where the pirates come in. Silver price manipulation has been rife for many moons now and I opined not long back that given the up move and the reason for it any pullback engineered by the manipulators will look obvious and hence they will look obvious. Well that is exactly what we are seeing.

Precious ramped on the Monday open just gone because the virus was getting worse in its spread. That didn’t suit the pirates and they clearly decided to “MANAGE” IT. In the last 24-36 hours, with the virus spread worsening and even the CDC itself issuing a warning the mkt tanked. You don’t have to be even mildly switched on to see this is completely wrong and makes no sense whatsoever. CRIMINAL.

You only have to do the simple math. The very reason for the rally has gotten worse not better. It makes sense then that an extended pullback like we have seen does not add up and can only be explained by Shenanigan’s.

This sort of behaviour needs to be stopped. Problem is the Exchanges and Regulators don’t seem to want to. Surely, otherwise they would have. Why they don’t want to is beyond me. Scared of this Bullion Banks maybe. They can’t argue that it would bleed business from them as this is a nonsense excuse.

Little fish like me can spray them with venom as much as we like but it won’t make any difference. The regulators are the only ones that can stop this.


Please do you job and stamp this manipulation out once and for all.