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A Country United, is horribly divided.

June 27, 2020


Trump has touted, claimed, hijacked and downright made up a plethora of things he promised, did and will do. Lets just deal with one or two. Actually, it’s just one with a few tangents.

His main war cry is Make America Great again, an offshoot of this is make America respected again. The jury is still out on him making it great again but thus far safe to say it isn’t going that well. As an outsider I am more interested in the respected bit. That infers he wants the rest of us to show and think of America again with the respect it commanded in years gone by. To be fair it was very much was respected in the past. Arguably that index started to retreat, oh I don’t know, around 2016. The only people who can score him on this claim is the rest of us. I have noted in previous social media posts that he has in fact done the opposite; comments met with disdain from no doubt Trumper Americans.

The reality these Trumper’s are missing is just that. If he wants to make America respected again, he has to impress the rest of us, not you. To be clear for you. We have watched from afar, firstly in disbelief that you could have voted a guy like this in and then in discombobulation at his scatty, hairbrained, childish and sometimes dangerous performance. Literally from day one he simply hasn’t cut the mustard on the old respect from the rest of us front. If the first 3 years weren’t bad enough, the last months when your country needed an adult to step up, it  sadly didn’t happen.

I’ve said before there are single cell organisms in swamps that can see he makes stuff up, is completely self-absorbed, doesn’t give a rats about anyone else and is prepared to do anything that gets him ahead. Who and what he trumples, sorry, tramples on along the way is not an issue. With thanks to the Amoeba in the swamp this is how we see him as well. So, you tell me, has he made America respected again.

We don’t live there so don’t have to deal with him domestically. That unfortunately is your burden to bare. Your present predicament with COVID19, of which we all sympathize with, is example one. Slow down the testing? Ah C’mon…. I’m not sure he is fully understanding the whole thing.

Do his foreign policy decisions, angles and “deals” affect the rest of us?  Is America still powerful economically and militarily? Yes, is the short answer to both and so it’s with fear, trepidation, a great deal of head shaking and a sprinkle of shouting obscenities at the TV that we follow what’s happening. As scary as what he says and does is, one thing can’t be denied. Its disconcertingly entertaining. How many Trump pressers haven’t included a Nimitz class sized clanger? None I’d suggest.

That’s enough of what some of the rest of us think. Now to the United/Divided bit. It was following social media, twitter mainly, that ignited this piece. He claims to MAGA and to unite the country. Well I can tell you,  given the tsunami of vitriolic posts that reply to any of his posts and that of a follower(bot or not) and frankly the other way when a non-trump supporters posts the bombardment of venom that hits them is gobsmacking No one has sole blame here, it is just as bad from both sides. That’s the point. It’s American v American, neighbour v neighbour yada yada yada.. but you are at each others throats.

The common factor is all this shit show is…Donald J Trump. Do the math,  it’s not that hard.

You tell me, is he uniting the country or dividing it.