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Silver – Manipulating the Shiznit out of it

June 12, 2020

They are up to their same old tricks. As I’ve said before there are single celled organisms floating in swamps that know someone is F’ing with the silver price. Gold to of course but that is another story. It beggar’s belief that they now operate in plain sight. They used to try and sneak in and attack. Clearly, they have no fear of any retaliation from the exchanges or regulators. Either unable or too scared to do anything its clear nothing meaningful is being done about it.

You only have to look at the price action and the widely agreed reasons for it to see the Pirates are operating. This has been going on for a while but let’s take just the last 24-48hrs.

Yesterday there was a strong rally later in the US day. The reason for which was almost across the board agreed as a factor of safe haven buying spurred by the underlying economic malaise. Given this fact does it seems obvious to me that an immediate retracement can only be of Pirate origin.

This isn’t reinventing the wheel here. We all know this to be true. Because of the danger this exact dynamic and the resultant rally poses to their hedge, it’s exactly this market price action and thinking that triggers the Pirates to remind us they are in charge and we should all pull our heads in. Well they did. Similarly, last night another silver rally as the wider market and the WOO HOO’ers who were buying the stock market realised things are not great and they probably shouldn’t have been, was snuffed out rather swiftly with no fundamental reasoning. The WOO HOO stock market rally needs some addressing. I’ve argued time and again before, the bounce above 24000 odd in the Dow was a bit silly. Nearing 27000 I suggested it was WTF!!!!! The same swamp dwelling amoeba are still scratching their heads about that rally. Dumb…just dumb…

I know this diatribe will fall on deaf ears. Both with the perpetrators and the toothless crew charged with policing them. Pirates, we don’t need to name you, you know who you are, and we know who are. I will simply say get in your pirate ship and “go away”


I’ll get back in my box now.