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The Insubordinate Must Pay

June 9, 2020

Here is something America needs consider with the upcoming election.

Firstly though, a lot has been said about Trump’s character and performance. Sure it is people with opposing views to his saying it and it has come as no surprise he has reacted angrily. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you can’t handle opposition, pushback and criticism as a politician then you are probably in the wrong game. It would be the same in business, and especially as the leader of a business. I wonder if the has learnt anything from his apparent exemplary career in the business world.

Now for your consideration. You probably should be prepared for the fallout with whatever happens in November. If he loses, he won’t go quietly.  It will likely result in a tsunami of excuses, blame and vitriol. Given his sometimes-childlike tantrums this will go on(and on), become irksome and will be turned up to 11 before he goes quiet. You, as voters will cop a lot of the blame. Not just for voting him out but for pretty much everything that went wrong. This however is not your biggest problem.

If he wins, I fear you might be on the heavy end of a bit more than blame and vitriol. If he wins and I was you I’d fear payback. How dare you not laud him as the greatest POTUS ever. How dare you not agree with everything he says. How dare you not tell him he is right even when he is wrong. How dare you not buy into all his lies, mis-truths, half-truths, misinformation’s  and bat shit crazy ideas.

I could be wrong and he will be a changed man with a victory but I’d more lean towards him somehow, someway, making you pay for you insubordination. Best of luck with that.