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The White House – Couldn’t lie straight in bed….

June 24, 2020

It was amusing at the start, then it progressed to head shaking moments. Next was the gob-smacking phase.  Soon it became so incessant and so brazen that no one found it funny, odd or gob-smacking. Mis-truths, half-truths, dis-information and outright lies are now so common place and rife inside the WH that they can’t even get their lies let alone their stories straight.

It’s a disorganised self-promoting shit show, period.  Surely all you Trump supporters can now see this. None of us, watching this circus from afar can believe how truth deaf Trumpers are. What really amazes me is not how dumb Don is. What really amazes me is his clear assumption that his followers are all morons and will buy anything he says and shows a breathtaking disrespect for the voting public. The scary thing is they do.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all another clanger comes out. Not only that someone then says the opposite. Its almost like they don’t talk to each other. The china deal is off, no it isn’t. I wasn’t involved in the sacking, yes, he was. I told my people to slow the testing, no he didn’t. He was joking about that, I don’t joke. Its never ending.

With the WH, one and all, the one thing more prevalent than telling clangers is then explaining them away by saying you were joking. Is it just me or do these pole floggers find some very serious shit funny? Trumpers, think of it this way. Testing for COVID is no joke. Hell, despite what Trump and his numpty’s tell you, the virus itself is no joke. Even if he was joking, with 121k+ dead do you really think a guy who would joke about that is fit to be the leader. Seriously, before you put your stupid red MAGA hat on, wave your trump flag and go WOOOO HOOO!!!  Think about it. His clear agenda of political self-preservation at the expense of anything and everyone, including you, is obvious to all of us. Why isn’t it to you.