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Trump Translated – What he says and what he means are never the same.

July 25, 2020

Trump Translated – What he says and what he means are never the same.

Good Morning and welcome to Translating Trump 101.

I am your teacher Mr Didhe Reallyfuckingsaythat. Let’s begin with some simple examples.

What Trump said               –          Translation 

A beautiful thing – It can’t and won’t work but I did it or will do it anyway.

Very nice – I have no fucking idea if it will work but I’ll do it anyway

We are looking at it. – I wish you hadn’t asked me about that because we haven’t. Well we did, but we didn’t understand it

I spoke to Dr Fauci this morning – I didn’t and wouldn’t talk to that insubordinate truth telling little shit anyway

We are doing very well – We are all fucked but I don’t want you to realise that

Our testing is the envy of the world – It’s a debacle of biblical proportions but I don’t want you to realise that

I fixed the dishwasher water problem – I didn’t want to talk about COVID but had run out of ideas of what else to talk about

Our mortality rate is one of the best in the world – We are getting smashed, I know it, you know it but I’m going keep sticking my head in the sand in the hope you are dumb enough to believe me.

If we tested less, we would have less cases. – I know this is complete bullshit, wrong and dangerous but I cocked the whole thing up and it makes me look bad.

It will eventually all go away – You are all morons and will buy that shit for a dollar.

As a star they let you do anything – I am a fuckwit

I cancelled the Jacksonville rally and you should wear a mask – I’ve been wrong about everything from day one and this is as close to an admission as you are going to get.

I wish her well – You can bury me so shut the fuck up and you won’t mysteriously disappear.

For your first homework, please provide your own examples with an emphasis on comments that are untrue, without substance or unconvincing. Shouldn’t be hard.