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U.U.S.A – Un-United States of America and an Unnecessary Geography Lesson

August 6, 2020

I think I’ve spotted the problem. Actually, off that. There are quite a few,  so I’ve spotted a problem.

I just watched the WH Chief of Staff interviewed and apart from the usual Trump Line drivel he said something that rang a bell.

Wolf “Everything is Breaking news” Blitzer (and to be fair I’ll get to this later) asked him about the Presidents flip flopping, as it suits view on Mail in ballots. He was asked why the President thought it was ok in Florida but dangerous in Nevada.  Mr Meadows answer was that they are two different states and do things differently. The answer, using the Trump Babel fish translator was really, one has a Republican governor and the other a Democratic.

Lets just deal with his untranslated answer. Is this not one of the many issues. The states all seem to do there own thing. There seems no coordination, there isn’t just one system, one way of doing things. This alone is one of the root causes of many of the issues in the US. How can anything, let alone an election be conducted effectively and  above aboard  with issue like this. Imagine a competent leader who cares about those suffering and trusts the science trying to coordinate a pandemic response under these circumstances, it would be tough. Now imagine one who isn’t competent, doesn’t give a toss about anyone but himself and thinks the science is wrong. It would be a disaster……and…. yes !! you guessed it.

Now for the other side. Word of Advice to CNN. If you have been talking about a news story for 6 months it isn’t BREAKING NEWS….  please stop carrying on like it is. Also, and this goes to all mainstream US media, and the people they interview. Trump has been forefront in the news for 3.5 years and incessantly and infamously so for the last 6 months. We know who he is, and which country he(kinda) leads. Just refer to him as the President. Not the President of the United States, especially as they aren’t right now….


We all know he is in the UN-United States of America you don’t need to keep reminding us.