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Ode to Don

December 4, 2020

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, a man called Trump had lives to save,

He opined about this and lied about that, but in the end on his hands he sat,

As the pandemic burned and the house caught on fire, he assured his base, this isn’t dire,

Nothing to see here, don’t be afraid, but he didn’t want you to see where the bodies were laid,

He loved to play golf perhaps to get fitter, but loved even more teeing off on his twitter,

As the body count rose, and control was lost he denied the facts and ignored the cost,

He battled the experts, and told them all where to go, it’s all a hoax he said, what do scientists know,

He sucked in his base, hook, line and sinkers, which wasn’t that hard as they were all wearing blinkers,

The election arrived, a president to make, but he got hammered and called it all fake,

They tried and tried to convince a judge, that the whole bloody thing was an undie smudge,

It soon became clear the judge wasn’t buying so they rolled Rudy out to keep on trying,

Rudy called a presser to give the unbelievers a belting, but the lights were too hot and his face started melting,

When this is all over, and the ship has set sail, Dons overall score, a big fat…. Fail.