Site Rules

  1. User registration is not required to access website content however a Disqus login is required to post on the chats.
  2. The Administrator reserves the right to deny access to any user for any reason at their discretion.
  3. No inappropriate, defamatory or racist remarks will be tolerated and the administrator reserves the right, at their discretion,  to remove any posts deemed as such.
  4. The administrator also reserves the right to delete any user not adhering to the rules
  5. Having said this, we are all adults. A spade is a spade in the administrators’ eyes, saying what you think it fine just say it the right way.
  6. This is not a transactional forum. Any attempt to offer good or services on the chats will be blocked and removed. Gold Scammers this means you!!! This does not mean, if you have a valid and legal business case to show,   you can’t advertise it on this site. Any wish to do so should be brought to the attention of the administrator who will conduct due diligence on the request. Information sharing around relevant and useful  third party services is allowed but will be monitored by the administrator.
  7. Active, honest , relevant and transparent discussions are encouraged. As long as they are within the rules.
  8. We are all in the same boat with varying degrees of experience and knowledge. We are  here to help each other. There are no stupid question only questions.